We believe in unity, we believe in the power of coming together.

THE UAE team ADQ Is the UAE’s first professional cycling Women’s World Tour Team composed of 15 global and UAE women athletes, and a source of inspiration for both women of the region and internationally. The team is a representation of women who unite in solidarity and stand for common goals such as growth mindsets, distinguished values, and performance targets. The UAE team ADQ aim to frontier the women’s cycling movement in the UAE by influencing and encouraging the emergence of more women towards this exhilarating sport and creating a real source of support and inspiration, particularly for the Middle East female community. The aim is to nurture not only athletes, but heroines and positive role models in the community, sustained by key sponsors who support and elevate the women in these roles.


Our event is from 4pm to 8pm

Only lady’s event.

Please note we no longer have spots for indoor cycling, during our event you will be able to enjoy of other activities such us yoga class, workshops and sunsets views.